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Purchasing corks for crafting? Not our crew! At the center of the Wine Knot team, is a group of wine lovers eager to discover what each brand and region has to offer. Also close to our heart (and waistlines), we hold dear amazing foods and desserts that bring out all the flavors wine has to offer. Our crew is close and we love spending time together talking about life (the ups and downs). Knowing we're not alone in these feelings, we created Wine Knot - an event that is a perfect compilation of all the things we crave in our busy lives: relaxation, laughter and nice things - like wine, food, music, shopping, jewelry, and shoes! This event is not a fundraiser - it is a FUN raiser. It's an evening we plan for those of you who are just like us. We look forward to meeting you at an upcoming Wine Knot event!

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